Scholarship Request
Everyone should have the opportunity to live their dreams. If you are passionate about additional educational pursuits but finances are deterrent, Grand County Higher Education may be able to help.

Simply fill out the following online application.

Please note:

Grand County Higher Education and it's Staff will make a decision as quickly as possible and you will be notified via email.

We look for commitment from the employee and/or employer for a portion of the cost.

Any awarded scholarship is paid directly to the total cost of the activities/programs. The fund cannot pay individuals or sponsoring businesses directly.

If an applicant receives duplicate funding for a request, the scholarship monies must be returned.

No scholarships will be used to participate for any political campaign, and or on behalf of any issues or candidates.

Requests for activities or programs already completed will not be considered for funding. (Scholarships cannot reimburse for fees or programs.)

Requests not following the Application Requirements and Guidelines will not be
considered for funding.

Applications and Data are confidential and only reviewed by Grand County Higher Education staff. All tax information is shredded following a grant cycle.

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