Application Form for Formal Approval for Credit for Out-of-classroom Learning Experience
The University’s undergraduate curriculum aims to afford students a totality of experiences to achieve its Education Aims (EAs). Students are encouraged to learn not only in the classroom but beyond. Out-of-classroom learning experiences are valuable and contribute to the achievement of EAs, especially in the development of graduate attributes and skills.

The University currently operates a credit award scheme to recognize and reward out-of-classroom learning experiences/activities. All kinds of out-of-classroom learning experiences/activities may quality for such credits, on condition that the outcome of the learning experiences/activities can be mapped to at least one of the University’s six EAs. One or two credits may be awarded depending on the duration and intensity of the experiences/activities. Such credits are transcriptable in blocks of three.
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1. Title and date(s) of the learning experience/activity, and name of the organizer
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2. Pre-approval number
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1. Submit the supporting documents (e.g. certificate, transcript, a signed letter or confirmation from the organizer) as evidence of completion of the learning experience and an account of the deliverables as applicable by email at (please quote your name, University number & pre-approval number in the email): *
2. Credit(s) to be claimed for the learning experience/activity. (For an experience/activity involving not less than 20 hours, one credit will be awarded. For a more advanced experience/activity involving 50 hours or more, with the majority of the hours being highly relevant to the UEAs against which the experience/activity is mapped, two credits will be awarded.) *
3. Total learning hours with a detailed breakdown (viz. total learning hours being all time spent on the learning experience/activity, inclusive of contact hours (e.g. for a workshop/course), unsupervised preparation or study etc.): *
4. Reflection of the experience and the outcome (in 300-500 words for claiming one credit and in 1,000 words for claiming two credits), inclusive of what you have learnt, the difficulties encountered, the achievement of the intended outcome, the impact on your personal, professional and/or career development etc.: *
5. Supplementary information, if any:
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