TZM Demographics
This is a standard demographics form for the people who associate themselves with TZM. It was created by the people behind the TZM Discord server. Filling it out enables us to gain valuable insight into what comprises the body of the movement. Knowing that, we can shape our content appropriately depending on the interests and the language complexity.
It also enables us to know how to communicate on the social networks with each other and which platform to prioritize. Also, in cases where a call out to the members is necessary, we can see what assets we should target. In addition to the mentioned things, we can also see if we have any blindspots and where to shift our focus.
The poll is voluntary and you don't have to fill it out if you don't want to, but it can help the movement see which direction to go.
We don't keep your e-mails and don't even have an access to them. The sign-in is there to make sure the poll can be filled out only once per person and is a part of how the platform functions. The data provided is in no way associated with a person providing it.
What age are you? *
Which gender do you identify with the most? *
Where do you live? *
What level of education do you possess? *
What area of education do you possess? *
Do you work? If yes, what sector? *
Do you have a partner/partners? *
Do you have a child/children? *
Are you politically active? If yes, where on the political spectrum? *
Are you religious? *
Can you tell us which country you're from? *
What languages are you fluent in? *
How did you find out about TZM? *
How do you keep in touch with the TZM news? *
In your spare time, what do you do? *
How could you contribute to the TZM? *
Are you a: *
Do you recycle? *
Where do you usually discuss TZM stuff? *
How do you reduce your carbon footprint? *
What do you think TZM should pay special attention to? *
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