Teaching Tangents Call for Questions
Teaching Tangents is a weekly show in which business and psychology teacher James D'Souza has questions to discuss with Willem van der Horst, a playful brand strategy consultant.

In each hour-long episode, James chooses a question asked by someone in our audience, so far mostly students or young people, and Willem goes on tangents while answering as they discuss the question's topic. Episodes are live streamed Sundays at 10am UK / 11am CET.

Here is where you come in, we're looking for brand new questions to tackle. The more specific and personal, the better!

You can check out all previously published episodes (and subscribe!) on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL828GyL9sB-vjqrnJYcnpwp5FOaAxVdLy

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/2yoFgovLSI8IJqmuZp3xUp

Or wherever you get your podcasts: https://anchor.fm/teaching-tangents

Here are some of the questions we tackled so far:

- I feel like I've been 'asleep' for the most part of my life but I'm working on getting better at it but I'm afraid too much time has flown. How to think about this positively to feel 'lighter' and to move on?

- How to remember things we learn at school (like lessons) on a long-term?

- Any advice for students who wanna start entrepreneurship?

- Could I study one thing and then get a completely different job?

- How do you succeed in the communication field?

- How can I work with someone with whom I have nothing in common, who thinks nothing like me, and with whom I have no feeling? Need help!

- Is the statement: "men are trash" offensive?

...and many more!
As an example, the question in season 02, episode 06 was: "Do you think there will be a knowledge gap in the future - because of inflated teacher grades allowing more people into university who might not deserve to be there? future productivity?"
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