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This will notify the GenerOZity board members and our safety officers of your complaint.
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GenerOZity Complaints Introduction

GenerOZity is a charity event, and as such has a zero tolerance stance regarding acts of discrimination, harassment, and all other forms of misconduct.

GenerOZity has limited liability with a large volunteers team, and as such we have little control of anything outside out of our events.

* We will take all complaints seriously, and as such, we require all of the details in the submission to be honest and truthful.

* All complaints and investigations will be treated with confidentially by default (we won't release private/sensitive details).

* The only people with access to this report will be GenerOZity board members and our appointed safety officers.

* The Complaint can be deleted by request by the complainant before or after GenerOZity has investigated.

* All Parties (complainant/complainee/staff) will be notified if we choose to make any public statements.

* We will not publicly name the complainant or complainee in public statements without approval from all involved.

At a minimum, If you wish, we will work to make sure you won't interact or be in the same room as people which makes you uncomfortable during our events.

Importantly, If you believe a crime has been committed, please escalate the issue to a higher authority.
GenerOZity Complaints Process

* Please complete this form with as much detail (as you are willing/able) that you believe is relevant, as we can only respond to the details made in this complaint. We won't be able to action details missing from this form. Please be honest and truthful!

* We will choose an appropriate GenerOZity Investigator (Biased/Involved staff will be asked to step away).

* We will choose an appropriate (Non-GenerOZity) third party if required to facilitate communication (If the complainant/alleged complainee doesn't wish to speak directly with GenerOZity).

* We will start the investigation which may require time to complete in a thorough and an unbiased manner.

* We will speak to the alleged complainee to get their account and keep minutes of the conversations.

* We will speak to the complainant to get additional information and keep minutes of the conversations.

* We will inform both parties of next steps. The complainant and alleged complainee must be made aware of the steps GenerOZity will take.

* If required, we will recommend working with a professional mediation firm.

* We will come to a conclusion only after all parties are interviewed and documents are reviewed to make a sound, unbiased determination based on the facts.

* We will communicate the results to both parties. The complainant and alleged complainee should be informed of the determination.

* We will offer warnings or bans based on our investigation as required, and outcomes should be considered in the best interest of the community as a whole.

* We will follow up with both sides weeks/months after the conclusion to confirm that the harassment is not continuing.

* We will work to improve our policies and processes to prevent any future incidents.
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What actions have you taken, and what actions are you planning to take? *
What proposed actions (or desired resolution) would you like the person/people this complaint is about to take? *
What proposed actions (or desired resolution) would you like to see from GenerOZity regarding this complaint? *
Would you prefer any particular person/people be involved to support the investigation of this incident (including witnesses)? *
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