FPSE 2018 DineArounds: Sushi Village, 6:45pm May 14th (8 spots)
The Dine Arounds will be led by a member of the FPSE 2018 host institution - Capilano University - who will contact you prior to the 14th with your meet up location in Whistler. We'll be walking as a group to the first venue and your host will stay for the entire dinner. Dine Around participants are responsible for all their own costs, including tips.

About the venue: "Known for its casual yet vibrant atmosphere, terrific sushi, and legendary sake margaritas, Sushi Village is as much a social experience as it is a dining one....There is something for everything at Sushi Village. The diverse menu offers a range of Japanese cuisine to please everyone’s tastes including sushi, salads, soups, Teriyaki dinners, chicken dishes, hot pot and more. We also have Group Menus and special Gluten Free Menus.."

Check out the website here: http://sushivillage.com/menus/

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