FREEDOM LAND ENROLLMENT 2018-2020 | Last day to enroll: December 30, 2018
This form is an opportunity to share a little bit about your journey, liberatory practices, and legacy dreams! It is your entrance into our first storytelling circle! This information will only be shared with Freedom Land Liberatory Coach, ChE, and coaches in training. Think of this as your first Freedom Land entry-- a means of documenting your initial intentions to refer back to as you evolve over the course of the program. Don't worry about your answers being "perfect"; just respond from the heart, with honesty in the moment (first thought, best thought!). It is truly an honor to build with each of you and to learn some of your story. Reminder that Freedom Land begins the moment you enroll, so I hope to connect with you sooner than later!

Enrollment closes on December 30, 2018.

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Have you participated in a virtual coaching program, workshop series, or webinar before? *
How did you learn about FREEDOM LAND: Liberatory Coaching for Legacy Leaders of Color? *
What does LIBERATION mean to you? Can you share a story of a time you felt FREE? *
How are you practicing, embodying, BE-ing Freedom in your life? What liberatory projects, activism, creative/alternative structure building are you engaged in? *
How are you sustaining this Freedom Work? How are you sustaining yourself? What self care/ self love practices are currently apart of your life? How do you heal? Please take a moment to name an intention for yourself around healing and sustainable Freedom Work. *
What is your relationship to ancestral healing and reverence work? What questions are you bringing to your ancestors at this time that you'd like to work with in this program? *
What are your creative and artistic practices? What vision/ intention would you like to name for your continued growth and evolution in this area, especially as a tool for personal and social transformation? *
What kind of liberatory legacy are you seeking to leave behind for emerging generations? Please share on your Freedom dreams! What kind of support do you need to achieve this? *
What questions are you asking on your liberatory journey right now? What are you curious about, seeking to learn and investigate with more depth? Where are the areas in the Freedom Land curriculum introduction that particularly interest you-- (Self Care, Self Awake; Liberatory Leadership; Circle of Interdependence; Cross-Movement Building)? *
What are you currently risking in your Freedom Work? What are you willing to risk moving forward? *
How would you like to be supported in community? How do you want this community of Legacy Leaders to show up for you? *
Is there anything else you would like to share? Any access needs or requests?
I understand that my enrollment in the Freedom Land: Liberatory Coaching for Legacy Leaders of Color is not complete until I sign up for an automatic monthly payment of $250/month via PayPal. I understand that if my organization is covering my tuition, my next step in the enrollment process is to send an email providing more information with "org support" in the subject heading to: *
I understand that the program cycle for Freedom Land: Liberatory Coaching for Legacy Leaders of Color begins the moment I enroll in 2018 through December 2020. I am committing to complete at least the first year of the program before exiting (for personal benefit and to honor the community I am building with). If for some special circumstance I must break this agreement, I understand and agree to the terms that the first month of my tuition is nonrefundable. *
Deep gratitude for taking the time to introduce yourself through these initial reflections and intention expressions! Please keep a lookout for an email from Freedom Land within a week of your submission.
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