Center for Sacred Window Studies Work Study Scholarship Application 2022/2023

Thank you for your interest in our Work Study Scholarship Program! We value this opportunity to work closely with our students and to share our love of Conscious Postpartum Caregiving and Ayurveda with your efforts and talents. It is a unique and rewarding exchange of energies.

The Work Study Scholarship Program is designed to honor the commitment of this study by offering payment of service in place of partial tuition. Each Work Study Student will have something different to bring to the Center for Sacred Window Studies, and we welcome diversity in backgrounds and skills.

As a work study scholarship student, you are a member of our team!  You are being gifted a leadership and featured role that can offer you exposure, credibility and great experience to move out into the field of professional postpartum care.  You will be able to use us as references, add your work with us to your resume or CV, as well as link back to any articles, interviews or speaking opportunities you do with us.  It is our pleasure to collaborate with motivated and sincere students who share our passion for postpartum care!

Scholarships are partial and will cover 1/3 or 2/3 of your tuition costs.  You will design with support from our Work Study Advisor, Roshni Kavate, and Director, Christine Eck, a Project Plan that will value the amount of work hours owed.  Half of your work hours must be complete before you have access to your program.  Work Study Hours must be completed within 4-6 months. Students who do not complete their work study will not receive a Certificate.  If student becomes unengaged and does not respond to 3 consecutive attempts to contact, they will be removed from the program.  Tuition funds paid are non-refundable for removed students.

We are here to support you along the way!

 We love collaborating with our Work Study Students and they love the opportunity to expand their reach into our wider community through this team experience!  Thank you for your application!

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We value our Work Study Student so much!  This is a very special chance to work closely with a supportive team working hard to be a part of change for good in postpartum care.  

Thanks so much for your consideration of this opportunity!

With gratitude,
Christine, Roshni, and the Center for Sacred Window Studies Family
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