Camp GAudeo 2019 Adult Volunteers
This is the adult volunteer sign-up for Camp GAudeo 2019. Thank you so much for your willingness to assist in this huge parish undertaking!
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Are you currently Virtus (child protection) trained and compliant? *
If you have indicated that you need to be Virtus trained, please follow these steps post-registration:
1) Email Joan Schoenhoeft ( for a free token to be used in your online background check
2) Go to, click the "Registration" link, and follow the prompts to set up your background check and find a class time
3) Contact Bradley at when completed
Check all camp ministries/roles that interest you at this time:
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(we're asking for an approximation; if any changes need to be made after filling out this form, contact Bradley)
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Monday, June 24th
Tuesday, June 25th
Wednesday, June 26th
Thursday, June 27th
Friday, June 28th
Are you willing to attend a training/formation meeting prior to camp (date & time TBD)? *
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Because t-shirts are donated, they will be given as available, with a priority placed on those volunteering multiple days. Thank you for your understanding.
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