CASTING CALL: The River Rock Project
Celebrating women’s rights and inspiring continued action to achieve economic, political, and social equality.

Thank you for being part of The River Rock Project!

Below is a form and opportunity to submit your video to be used in the River Rock Project and included in a music video as part of an action to raise voices and engagement in conjunction with 2020, The Year of the Woman. The cast will include women+ of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, ethnicities, abilities, identities as their own fabulous, powerful selves.

Full details and instructions are available at:

We will strive to use as many videos as possible, but may not be able to use all submissions. ALL participants who submit a video will be recognized in the project credits. Text provided below may be used in conjunction with the project.

More questions? Jennifer is happy to find some answers for you:
First Name *
Last Name *
Email address to receive important information (this email will be used to communicate about The River Rock Project and will NOT be shared with any outside parties): *
Please list all the names of the participants in your video as you would like them to appear in the credits (if left blank, First & Last name as above will be used):
Are any participants in your video under 18 years of age? If "yes," you MUST check the box below for your video to be considered. *
I am parent/guardian and able to grant permission for all minors in any materials submitted to The River Rock Project for use as described in this form.
Where is your video filmed? (City, State, Country)
Is there a title or occupation by which you would like to identify in the credits? I.e. "Teacher" or "Voting Rights Advocate & Beekeeper" or "Dreamer of dreams." Please list below:
The River Rock music video will be distributed online and used to partner with bipartisan organizations and entities to raise voting awareness and encourage civic participation through the ballot box. Please share any organizations to whom you think we should reach out to share our message:
Why would you like to participate in the River Rock Project? You don't need to write a novel, but there's probably a reason why and we'd love to know about your unique voice in this project.
I grant The River Rock Project and Meghan Cary to use any text, photos, or videos submitted in this form and file upload Rock, and acknowledge that I am able to grant this permission. This may include: internet distribution; public and private screenings; and publicity in relevant local and national outlets. *
After you "submit" below, you will see confirmation text and a link to upload your video file to our secure Dropbox! Please label your file: LAST NAME - FIRST NAME.

Remember: We don't need the audio on your video, but good quality picture is recommended.

Thank you again for lending your "voice" to the movement!
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