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2022 YPT Regional District Board of Directors Interest Form
Soliciting Nominations Timeline: Ongoing for 2022 Calendar Year

The Young Professionals in Transportation established Regional Districts to help its expansion and growth as a professional organization and value to members, its growth, and impact on the transportation community.

Interest Form Sections:

1. Information Section
2. Regional District Selection Section
3. Regional Board of Directors Position Section


Must be a YPT Member

Eligibility & Term Length:

Officers for the 2022 Year will serve from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022
The appointment will be done starting in September and if needed through October of each year for officers to serve in the following year. The International Board with Regional Boards will work to fill all positions should there be a vacancy.

Officers are eligible for renewal appointments for up to four consecutive terms.
Officers of the Regional Board of Directors are recommended to only serve in a single
leadership role within the YPT organization, but this will only be a requirement of the Regional Directors.

The Regional Director upon being appointed to the regional board they must resign from any other active leadership positions in YPT upon taking up their role January 1, 2022 or when appointed after.

The nominees for the Deputy Regional Directors positions during the nomination process should disclose their intent to continue in any other YPT Positions during the term they wish to serve on the regional board.

The Regional Director role must be filled by someone who has served on the Regional Board of Directors and/or on the International Board, unless no one who has served in one of these roles intends to serve as Regional Director for the upcoming year for that Regional District.

There are 5 defined positions for the Regional Board of Directors and the At Large Position which will fill in roles and responsibilities unique and not encompassed in the 5 other positions

Regional Director
● The Regional Director serves as the lead officer of the Regional District, oversees the
Regional Deputy Directors, and leads communication with local chapters within the
● The Regional Director shall be responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the
policy, process, and guidelines of the Regional Board of Directors.
● The Regional Director will report to the YPT International Chair and assist the YPT
International Board in administering the local chapters in the region.
● The Regional Director shall preside over monthly Regional Board meetings and act as
chief regional representative of their district.

Regional Deputy Director of Finance
● The Deputy will support the International Board in ensuring local chapters pay and file
● The Deputy will serve as the prime liaison of the international board on finance issues for
local chapters in that region.
● The Deputy will support the maintenance, standardization, and keeping of financial
records and accounts of the local chapters in that region and for the regional board.
● The Deputy will prepare financial accounting and reporting of the regional level for the
International Board.
● The Deputy will provide guidance on local chapter budgets, share best practice
processes and knowledge.

Regional Deputy Director of Programs
● The Deputy should develop and maintain a regional YPT Mentorship Program and if
developed, must be a mentor volunteer in the program.
● The Deputy will serve as the lead liaison for any YPT International formal mentorship
● The Deputy will suggest and develop new programs and activities at the regional level.
● The Deputy will coordinate activities for the local chapters in the region to promote
collaboration and reduce duplication of effort.
● The Deputy will work on state-wide and or region-wide activities to be lead by the
Regional District Board of Directors.

Regional Deputy Director of Communications
● The Deputy will be the lead social media liaison for the region and promote and support
the growth of the YPT’s social media presence in the region.
● The Deputy will help new local chapters get set up on social media.
● The Deputy will coordinate and support local chapter newsletters, emails, other
● The Deputy will lead regional communications efforts through a regional newsletter,
emails, and other communiques.

Regional Deputy Director of Membership
● The Deputy will work on recruitment programs in cities and in the region.
● The Deputy will serve as the chief liaison for recruitment programs set up by the
International Board.
●  The Deputy will serve as a scout for potential locations for new chapters in that region.

At Large Deputy Directors (One or More For Each Regional District)
● The Deputy will undertake responsibilities as needed by the Regional Board of Directors
not outlined in the positions above.

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How Regional Districts will support YPT's growth and expansion
To support YPT’s value to members, its growth, and impact on the transportation community, Regional Board of Directors were established as standing committees of the International Board per Article VI of the Bylaws of the Young Professionals in Transportation. Regional Districts were created to increase the inclusiveness of YPT Membership which was previously only focused on local municipal city level (Local Chapters).

As Standing Committees of the International Board, Regional Districts Board of Directors, serve a strategic role to implement and support international policy and initiatives to a regional context to support the organization in several ways as we continue to expand.

YPT Regional District Board of Directors can provide organizationally:
1. Local Support & Strengthen the Leadership Pipeline
2. Catering Regional Programming & Collaboration
3. Supporting Local Chapter Expansion & Membership Growth in Smaller Cities to Rural Areas

1. Local Support & Strengthen the Leadership Pipeline - Create a pipeline for over 125 local chapter leaders to serve at an higher level of responsibility to implement support the YPT International Board policy and initiatives for a larger area encompassing several states/provinces. The Regional District Board of Directors act as a vital coordination and support pillar for local leaders.

2. Catering Regional Programming & Collaboration - Regional districts can help with larger events and programming for members in that region and support local chapters coordination and collaboration. A regional district board can help develop a regional mentorship program that can bring together a larger pool of transportation professionals. Regional awards, regional YPT Conferences, and an annual study tour of a city in regions were some of the many ideas already suggested by local chapter leaders. 

3. Supporting Chapter Expansion & Membership Growth from Smaller Cities to Rural Areas - The standing committees of the regional boards can provide programming at a regional level that provides value to and engages with members & non-members in cities without an active chapter, supporting membership growth and actively cultivate the development of more local chapters in coordination with the International Board.
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What YPT leadership positions and or experiences have you had? (If any)
What leadership positions and or experiences have you had?
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Do you intend to serve in another YPT Position (On a local or the international board) if appointed to a Regional Deputy Position? *
The candidate appointed to a Regional Director can only serve in that capacity and can not serve in a local or international position due to the importance of leading the Regional District.
If Yes: Please state what other YPT position you intend to serve in for 2022.
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You should serve only in the region in which you reside. YPT currently has 2 and 7 Regional Districts in Europe and the North America respectively
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