Science of Public Health
Program Cost: Free!
Recommended for 5th - 10th Graders

Location: Online via Zoom Video Conferencing

Monday, December 28, 2-4:15pm: Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2
Tuesday, December 29, 2-4:15pm: Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Case Studies
NOTE: There will be a fifteen-minute break 1 hour into the class period for students to take a quick break from zoom, use the restroom, and have a snack.

Chapter 1: What is Public Health?
Chapter 2: How to Speak in Epidemiology
Chapter 3: Public Health Models and Theories
Chapter 4: Disease Prevention and the Social Determinants of Health

To view the course syllabus and learn more about The Science of the Biosphere, go here:

Please invite any other families/students to join the workshop by sending them the email you received or the Science of Public Health flyer!

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