BH Hall of Fame Voting

REMEMBER: This is not a popularity contest, nor is it only about wealth, prominence and success achieved away from and not including Alpha Phi Alpha and BH! Please submit any further questions to

The Beta Eta Hall of Fame awards and acknowledges the contributions that individuals made to our chapter. This merit award is based upon deeds that have contributed to the sustained growth and development of BH.

Who can make nominations and votes?---
All BH initiates and transfer brothers. No one can nominate or vote for self. Each eligible brother can nominate one brother.

When are the inductees announced?
Inductees will be announced at the banquet on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Current Hall of Fame:

- Charter Members (1934)
- Rev. Archibald Mosley (1946)
- John Holmes (Omega Chapter)
- Richard Gardner (1978)
- Robert Triplett (1960)
- Roland Burris (1955)
- Derrick Faulkner (1988)
- Mark Davis (1980)
- Charles Harrington (2002)

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