Estate Planning DIY Risk Assessment
By going through the 30-points checker, you would have a good idea if you need to have a Will, Trust, LPA, AMD, HOTA, ACP, etc,.

It shall take about 7 minutes to complete the survey.
Immediately after your submission, there will be explanation notes to your scoring.

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>> You may refer to the following explanation notes with your scoring after your submission

0 - 6 : This is provided that you have an existing Will held in proper custody. You should review your Will periodically with your estate planner.

7 - 15 : It appears your Will if you have one, is inadequate and not sufficiently comprehensive to cover your estate planning objectives. Those could be redressed with a discussion with your estate planner to help you identify and cover the gaps by drawing up a fresh Will or setting up Trusts.  

15 and beyond : Your estate affairs may be fraught with delays and disputes among your family members. The distribution outcome could be unsatisfactory or unreasonable as regards certain beneficiaries or some people excluded. There are likely to be higher costs, leakages and legal expenses in sorting out the estate. There is an urgent need to sort out your estate affairs and you should meet up with your estate planner as soon as possible.  

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Q1. Do you have a Will? *
 A will is a legal document that coordinates the distribution of your assets after death.
1 point
Q2. Have you named someone (as your Executor)  to handle your estate and property affairs after you're gone? *
An executor of an estate is an individual appointed to administer the last will and testament of a deceased person. The executor's main duty is to carry out the instructions to manage the affairs and wishes of the deceased. The executor is appointed either by the testator of the will (the individual who makes the will) or by a court, in cases wherein there was no prior appointment.
1 point
Q3. Are you in touch with the appointed Executor, if you have done up your Will? *
1 point
Q4. Are you passing your Will to someone for safekeeping? *
1 point
Q5. Are you in touch with your appointed guardian? *
There are two different types of legal guardians: a natural guardian (i.e. a parent) or an appointed guardian. Regardless of which type, legal guardians are responsible for the welfare and safety of the child.
1 point
Q6. Do you have a ready file listings of your assets and liabilities? *
1 point
Q7. Do you have minor children? *
Generally, the age of majority applicable in Singapore is 21 years old as provided by common law.
1 point
Q8. Do you have a newborn in the family? *
1 point
Q9. Do you have dependents, e.g. parents or parents-in-law whom you need to maintain? *
1 point
Q10. Did you named your young children as beneficiaries to your insurance policies?   *
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