HHSFC End of Year Survey 2015
To help us improve our club, we would like you to fill out this survey. You do not need to provide your name and can remain anonymous. Your honest opinions are welcome.
What is your expected graduation year? *
In what year will you graduate?
What is your gender? *
What is your GPA? *
Have you taken fencing lessons or competed prior to becoming a member of our club?
How long have you been a member of our club?
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Why did you choose to participate in the HHS Fencing Club? *
Please give as much information as you can.
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What did you like best about being in the HHS Fencing Club?
Please give as much information as you can.
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What did you like least about being in the HHS Fencing Club?
Please give as much information as you can.
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How satisfied are you with the club overall? *
Prior to the end of year, had you stopped being an active member of the HHS Fencing Club? If so, why?
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How do you feel about the amount of practice time we had?
Is participation seen to be as important as competing to win in our club?
Did you feel welcome to attend all of the club functions/social activities?
How much have your skills improved because of training with the fencing club?
Do you feel the club has any areas which need improvement? If yes, please provide details.
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Indicate your level of agreement with the following statements: *
Strongly agree
Moderately agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Moderately disagree
Strongly disagree
No basis to judge
Participating has expanded my interest in staying fit and healthy
Fencing Club contributes to my quality of life at HHS
Participation has provided me with skills and abilities that I will use after high school
Overall I would recommend the Fencing Club to others
From your participation in FC, which of the following do you feel you have increased or improved? *
Check all that apply
What are some ways that the HHS Fencing Club could increase its membership size?
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What could be done to improve the fencing club member experience at this school?
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Were coaches and others in positions of leadership good role models? *
Regarding your coach, please rate the following: *
Very satisfied
Very unsatisfied
No basis to judge
Coach's ability to communicate with players
Coach's technical knowledge of the sport
Coach's ability to teach skills
Coach's availability before, during, and after practices and competitions
Coach's professional demeanor
Coach's organizational skills
Coach's overall ability as a coach
How was the coach's ability to direct the club competitively while keeping with abilities of players?
Will you be involved with the HHS Fencing Club again next year? *
To help with club funds for next year, would a membership fee of $40 reasonable? *
Do you have any other comments, questions or concerns?
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