Grants are available to MMTA members who wish to receive financial assistance to offset the cost of shrink wrap recycling services at their facility. Clean Ocean Access (COA) will distribute direct reimbursements in the amount of $100.

In an effort to advance recycling, COA’s Shrink Wrap Recycling and Life Cycle Analysis project aims to understand the true cost of recycling and processing shrink wrap domestically. COA grantees will be expected to:

● Provide proof of shrink wrap collection services via an invoice from the commercial hauler.
● Participate in survey(s) to provide information on current shrink wrap practices, volumes, etc.
● Facilitate connections with local contractors providing shrink wrapping services at the facility.
● Promote recycling efforts to marina, boat yard, and yacht club members/patrons.

About Clean Ocean Access:
Clean Ocean Access (COA) is a nonprofit organization with a mission of action today so future generations can enjoy ocean activities. Our work takes a comprehensive approach, combining marine debris removal with prevention through education and engagement to eliminate plastic pollution and ocean litter. Programs like shrink wrap recycling contribute to COA’s vision of a healthy ocean that is free of marine debris, water that is safe for all ocean activities, and a shoreline that is accessible to the public. Contact us at: | (401)-236-2561 |
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