Elite Coaching Application
Only if you want me to help you personally to become this unalterable Being.

Are you an online entrepreneur, experienced in your market and you suffer from chronic fatigue ?

Your health does not improve over time ?
Do you regularly think about solutions that would allow you to heal yourself ?
You are not serene of your future, that perhaps prevents you from sleeping ?

Would you like your overall health, your energy, your body, your mind to be in line with your goals ?

Thank you for applying and taking the time to answer a few questions using this quick form below.
You will be contacted by Maxime or a member of his team to inform you of the rest of the process.

Attention: commitment required, no tourist !!!

My coaching prices range from 2,000€ to 20,000€.

The objective of support:
1) Having overflowing energy that is precious for your business by knowing precisely what you need to do and why you are doing it
2) Identify the psychological and physiological blocking points that hold you back today
3) Create an action plan to achieve extraordinary energy, for life
4) Understand the mechanisms of the body (without technical jargon), in order to develop your autonomy

All of this with one goal in mind: to keep your place as a leader in order to always bring more value to the world while living to the best of your physical and mental capacities.

The first session is free and without obligation, it will bring you more clarity on your current state.

My flagship accompaniments:

1 - Individual coaching over 3 months

Limited to 5 people

2 - Individual coaching over 1 month

Limited to 5 people

If you want to take action, you know what you have to do !

Einstein was right ...
"Madness, is to do the same thing over and over again, and expect the results to be different" ...
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