Reading for Rides DAY at the Atlanta Fair MARCH 26th 2017
All entries must have an adult over the age of 18 approve the entry form. Program is for Kids currently attending Elementary or Middle school.

Thank you for participating in our reading program for the Atlanta Fair. We hope to make this an annual program and hope that you continue to want to participate and see the program grow. Please, if you have any suggestions or comments, share them with our office so that we can continue this program throughout the city!

Kids entering our program list the books they read and submit a mini-book report for each book.

Completing ONE book Kids earn a Blue Ribbon which grants them FREE admission on Reading for Rides day at the Fair between 1pm and 5pm!

The child that reads the most books will not only get FREE admission, but will also receive FREE unlimited rides armbands for him/her and up to 5 friends!

REMINDER: the ribbon is valid for Blue Ribbon day at the Fair on March 26th only- Entrance into fair park must be between 1pm and 5pm.

PARENTS: One - Ribbon per student, and the ribbon includes free gate admission for kids attending elementary and middle school, but does NOT include food, parking or midway rides.

These entries are not for advertising purposes.
Please print the Submission Page received after submitting book report and present at the front booth to receive free Ribbon.

Parents: Please go to using the promo code READ- to print your child's FREE Gate Admission Ticket. The Child will need the printed ticket and to present their book report to the ticket taker to enter the fair. Once they have entered the fair; your child will go to the Reading for Rides booth to turn in their book report for their blue ribbon.

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