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A key part of the publishing process that we're developing at Support Driven is a peer review model and we’re looking for people who want to contribute to more relevant, useful, and interesting articles for the community.

Have you ever come across an article with an amazing title only to be disappointed that it didn’t answer your questions?

A peer review model gets those questions to authors so they can be addressed while the article is being drafted.

Our goals with the peer review program are to
- share your feedback and questions with authors so articles are relevant, useful, and interesting to you and the community.
- give you credit by publishing your role as a peer reviewer next to the author’s byline on the article.
- keep the time commitment to 1-2 hours per article.

Support Driven is focused on publishing the articles that you, as a member of our community, want to read and we need your help.

We're looking for peer reviewers from all perspectives and experiences to represent our community, so please consider filling out the form whether you have decades of experience or zero experience.

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Topics of Interest
Which topics do you want to read about? What topic could you talk about for hours? Which topics are you curious about?
Philosophies and Ideals That Matter to You
What beliefs and values are important to you? What change do you want to see in the world?
Thank you!
Thank you for raising your hand to help our community create the articles that we want to read and to help our authors in creating those articles.

We'll be in touch with you about next steps when you get matched with articles we're working on.
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