Lottie’s Talent Village 2017
Join us for a Christmas Bazaar showcasing vocation and artisan skills, this fun and festive event is for all the family. Our workshops will be running throughout the weekend, so book now to ensure a place and have fun learning a new skill.

When: Friday 1 to Sunday 3 December, 10am to 10pm
Where: Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur

Viva StarFish Project Workshop: Self watering Planter Box and Handcrafted Bangle
Workshop 2: Self watering Planter box
Duration: 45 - 60 Min
Price: RM30.00 includes materials (per pax)
Age: 4 and above

It’s home gardening; just easy, cost-efficient, energy-saving and near-zero maintenance.

The workshop aims to guide in making an Aquaponics Planter Box. We’ll show you how it’s built-in reservoir allows the plants to absorb water when needed; a system that saves way more time, effort and H20 in maintaining a plant, what more a garden!

10% of funds from Workshop #1 will go towards sponsoring a chick for Orang Asli trade and to kick-start their restaurant business.

The seeds planted will be donated to Kampung Rensung and Kampung Chempian for their farming and export business.
Book Here (link to the booking form)

Workshop 2: Handcrafted Bangle
Duration: 25 - 35 Min
Price: RM15.00 includes materials (per pax)
Age: 4 and above

Take part in our country’s native culture and make your own little ethnic fashion statement, the way our Orang Asli do it back home.

Learn how to make a simple handcrafted bangle made of woven ratan wood, typical to the culture of the indigenous, in Malaysia and other third-world countries.

10% of funds from Workshop #2 will go to funding the pipeworks project in Kampung Chempian to bring a water source 5km away right to their doorstep.

The bangle is taken home by our festival participants and donors as an achievement, souvenir and token of appreciation.

For more information, https://www.facebook.com/vivastarfishproject.com

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