By signing below, the undersigned acknowledges and certifies the following statements:

1. The undersigned is a duly authorized agent of the business in concern.
2. Proposals must be received by NBD no later than 5:00 pm CST on April 30, 2019. Proposals received after the deadline will not be eligible for 2018 funding.
3. SLDC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals or any portion thereof without incurring any obligation towards applicants.
4. All materials submitted to SLDC shall be subject to the Missouri Public Records Law, with the following exceptions: late applications or requests for funding for projects that are not a part of this solicitation will be returned to the applicant without further review, and materials not requested as part of the application packet will be discarded.
5. False statements or misrepresentations in a proposal to obtain federal funds will automatically disqualify an applicant. If false statements or misrepresentations are discovered after CDBG funds are awarded, the funds and contract will be in default and SLDC may declare all or any part of the funds paid out immediately due and repayable and the contract voided.
6. Contract awards are subject to receipt by the City of St. Louis of sufficient CDBG funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Should the availability of federal funds for this Request for Proposals be reduced, SLDC may, in its discretion, amend CDBG contracts to conform to available funding.
7. Applicant understands that conditional awardees will be required to certify that there are no conflicts of interest which will arise through the use of the Federal funds awarded.
8. Applicant must not have delinquent federal, state, or local taxes and must remain compliant throughout the project, if approved to proceed.
9. Applicant must be in good standing with the State of Missouri and City of St. Louis including registration with the Secretary of State and with the City Business License and occupancy requirements and must remain compliant throughout the project, if approved to proceed. Occupancy and license, if not approved prior to the project, must be approved and issued within 30 days of project construction completion.
10. Applicant understands that completion of this application and/or approval to move forward does not guarantee funding until approval of NBD after bid process. Any funding awarded at that time, will only be paid if the project meets all rules and regulations of the program.

I acknowledge the statements above and certify the information contained in this proposal is true and correct. I further understand material omission or false information contained in this proposal constitutes grounds for disqualification and possible requirement to repay funds awarded.

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