CogWell Peer Support Training Pre-Survey
Thank you for signing up for one of our training sessions! We hope you'll have fun attending and learn the important skills of Active Listening. We'd like to see where everyone is coming from so we can better serve the Penn Community, so please take a moment to fill out this pre-survey!

Name *
Email *
What is the name of the group are you specifically associated with for this training? (ex. frat, student club, sports team, etc.) *
Which one best describes your current status at Penn? *
What major or field of study are you currently studying? *
How comfortable are you with talking with your classmates about any issues they're facing at Penn? *
Not Very
Very Much
How often do your friends talk with you about the challenges they’re facing? *
When talking with your friends, how confident are you about being a good listener? *
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Based on past experiences, how much do you agree with the following statements? *
Slightly Disagree
Slightly Agree
I’m aware of my own feelings while I’m listening to others
When I talk to others, I pay attention to their unexpressed feelings
When I talk to people, I try to put myself in their shoes
If I have something to say, I talk about it, even if I interrupt someone else
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