Sun Life Pop Test

This questionnaire will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please note that after you complete the General Information section below, there will be additional sections to this questionnaire. Please read the instructions at the top of each section before responding.

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1. What is the highest level of education you attempted?
2. Did you graduate?
3. How many years have you lived in your current city or town?
4. Select the one that reflects your situation
5. If unemployed, how many months have you been unemployed?
6. What is your current job title?
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7. Number of years in job?
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8. What are your personal monthly earnings?
9. What do you consider your current monthly earnings be?
10. Which of the following occupational groupings would best describe your current occupation?
11. How adequate is your current income level?
12. What is the major reason you are considering changing jobs?
13. In your current industry, how much do you think the average experienced Sales Representative earns annually?
14. What is the longest period of time you worked full time for one organization or in self-employment?
15. What would you rate your chances for advancement at your present job?
16. How many full-time jobs have you held in the last 5 years?
17. How many hours a week do you currently work? If you are currently unemployed or employed part time, use your last full time position.
18. To meet your financial commitments, how much annual income do you need to earn?
19. Outside of my group plan, how much life insurance do you currently own (e.g. 1,000,000)?
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20. Others perceive me as a very hard worker.
Here are some words that people might use to describe themselves. Please consider each item and decide how much this item applies to you.

Please respond to every item.

1= Not at all like me 2= A little like me 3= Somewhat like me 4= Moderately like me 5= Definitely like me

1. Enterprising
2. Entertaining
3. Accepting
4. Aggressive
5. Making Friends
6. Very agreeable
7. Making things happen
8. Enthusiastic
9. Disliking pressure
10. Determined
11. Fluent talker
12. Considerate
13. Assertive
14. Cheerful
15. Uninvolved
16. Hard driving
17. Disliking routine
18. Striving to improve
19. Active
20. Working well under pressure
Here are some examples of opinions that people will often express. Please think about these statements in relation to yourself and indicate your agreement or disagreement with each statement.

Please respond to every item.

1= Don't agree at all 2= Agree a little 3= Somewhat agree 4= Moderately agree 5= Definitely agree

1. To be successful salesperson it is necessary to get a potential buyer to like me.
2. It is very important to push people to buy a product or service after you have established that they need it.
3. I get upset when salespeople call me at home.
4. Salespeople have a positive public image.
5. Most people would prefer not to deal with salespeople anymore than necessary.
6. I have bought product or service because of the salesperson.
End of questionnaire.
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