End Point Project
We would like to work with 5 secondary schools on a project to develop curriculum plans and demonstrate how endpoints can be identified, delivered and measured. By taking part in this project the schools will receive free access to Stedfast.
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Project Scope
With the release of the Education Inspection Framework and curriculum intent, implementation and impact requirements, we are trying to identify examples of Stedfast can be used to identify end-points through outcomes assessment and how pupils achieve them and how success is measured.

The partners in the project will get free access to Stedfast and can use it for all of their curriculum planning. The only commitment to us is that they meet online at regular intervals to discuss and share ideas on end-point planning.
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Will you are your system administrator be able to complete a monthly survey?
Will you or the system administrator be prepared to offer regular feedback on the system
Is your organisation willing to be referenced in Stedfast marketing materials and/or activities?
Are you willing to meet online and share ideas about end-point development
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