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The Mill City/Gates Community Assistance program offers emergency assistance for essential services and needs, including gasoline,  help with water, electricity, heat, rent, and prescriptions, and where to find food. Here's a breakdown of the assistance available in each category:

  • Assistance Provided: The program offers gasoline assistance, which is particularly helpful for those who need fuel for commuting to work or medical appointments.
  • Limitations: Eligible recipients can receive up to one gas card per request.
  • Frequency: Assistance can be given a maximum of four times in a 12-month period per address.
Water, Electricity, Heat, Rent, and Prescriptions:
  • Assistance Coverage: The program helps with bills for water, electricity, heating, rent, and medical prescriptions where need and eligibility have been established.
  • Financial Limit: The assistance will cover 50% of the total bill, up to a maximum payment of $100. For example, if a bill amounts to $300, the required contribution would be $150, but the program will cover only $100.
  • Payment Process: All payments are made directly to the service provider or landlord, ensuring the funds are used specifically for the intended bills and not as cash handouts.
  • Frequency: Assistance for these services can be provided once every six months per household.
  • Assistance Provided: The Community Assistance Center operates as a food bank providing essential groceries to those in need.
  • Location:  255 SW Cedar St, Mill City, OR
  • Phone Number: 503-897-4904
  • Operations: Tuesdays from 10 am to 12 pm and Thursday evenings from 6 pm to 8 pm.
  • HOW TO RECEIVE SUPPORT: You do not need to fill out this form or meet with ministerial staff to recive food from the food bank.  Just contact or visit the food bank durring their opperating hours.
You will need:
  1. Provide Identification (Driver's license, ext.)
  2. Explain Your Situation
  3. Provide Documentation of Your Bill (Bring along the bill)
This form is designed to schedule a meeting with you to discuss your specific needs and to evaluate your potential eligibility for assistance. Completing this form is the first step in accessing the support services you may require. During the meeting, we will explore the various assistance options available and determine how best we can support you. Please fill out the form thoroughly to ensure we can provide the most effective help during our consultation.

**While we strive to provide timely assistance, please understand that we may not always be able to help on the same day. We appreciate your patience and understanding.**
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I would like to meet with a member of the Community Assistance Staff and can proived identification and needed documents such as a bill when necessary.
I recognize that same day assistance may not always be avaliable.
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