RA 9262 (Violence Against Women and their Children Act) and RA 10627 (Anti-Bullying Act)
    1. Is being drunk or under the influence of prohibited drugs be taken as an excuse for committing VAW? 
    2. Is violence against women limited only to physical abuse?
    3. Is marital infidelity considered a form of violence against women?
    4. Is withdrawal of support a form of economic abuse to women?
    5. Can women also be liable under RA 9262?
    6. Can husbands be charged with rape by their wives?
    7. Can electronic expression be considered as a medium in doing an act of bullying?
    8. Under the law, should the identity of victim, bully or bystander be held with utmost confidentiality?
    9. Are the complaints on bullying allowed to be heard before Barangay for amicable settlement?
    10. Is it right that the School Head notify the PNP through the WCPD if he/she believes that appropriate criminal charges may be pursued against the offending student?
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