Eaton Farm Freezer Hog Order Form
We have many options for you to customize your hog order, including smoked and fresh, uncured pork. Price is $5.50/lb for actual meat in the package. This per pound price is for the weight of the pork you will take home versus a hanging weight price (hanging weight includes large bones and scraps that you do not receive). We feel that pricing based on actual meat yield is a little more straightforward and easier for our customers to understand and budget for. Yield of actual meat for 1/2 hog is 80 to 100 lbs and 160 to 200 lbs for whole hogs. Pork is vacuum packed and frozen. There is a $50 deposit per each 1/2 hog to secure your reservation.

Please indicate your preferred pork cuts by filling out the form below:

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Perfect for carnitas and pulled pork!
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What type(s) of ground meat would you like? You may choose one type or a combination. All sausage is free of nitrates and MSG.
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*Boneless loin selections will yield a rack of baby back ribs.
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Additional cuts
Each 1/2 hog will also provide you with a side of spare ribs, hocks, pork neck bones, and pork fat for lard-making. If you have any additional instructions, or would like to request something not listed above, please use the form below. We'll try our best to accommodate you!
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