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Players must be registered through the Affinity system at prior to completing financial aid application.
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Information provided by applicant will be shared with members of the TUSC financial assistance committee. In addition, the fact that a financial aid application was made and the actual amount allocated to each player must also be shared with the club treasurer, team treasurer and team manager as appropriate. TUSC will attempt to prevent the release of the personal information provided in this application; however, applicant and his/her parents agree to release and hold TUSC and its individual board and committee members harmless from dissemination of any information provided herein. By submitting this form you understand that TUSC has the right to deny financial assistance to anyone who falsifies records, submits incorrect information or for any other reason. Applying for financial aid does not guarantee assistance will be granted. Furthermore, by submitting this form you certify that the above information is true and that all household income has been reported to the best of your knowledge.
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