Spreadsheet Skills Questionnaire POST
If you cannot do the skill, click on "No".
If you knew how to do it before you took CSCI100, click on "Knew it before this class began."
If you learned how to do it during CSCI100, click on "Didn't know before class but now I do."
Name: *
Enter dates, text, numbers *
Clear cell contents *
Edit cell contents *
Insert and delete cells. *
Use Autofill to create a number series. *
Enter formulas using +, -, *, /, ^ *
Format font name, size, style, and color. *
Set cell borders: border style, color, and size. *
Set fill color for a cell. *
Set cell horizontal alignment. *
Set cell vertical alignment. *
Set text rotation. *
Set cell indentation. *
Turn "text wrap" on and off. *
Merge and center cells. *
Apply styles to cells. *
Apply conditional formatting to cells. *
Increase or decrease the number of displayed decimal places in a number. *
Modify column width and row height. *
Create and modify a page header. *
Create and modify a page footer. *
Set the margins for a worksheet. *
Set the page orientation for a worksheet. *
Set printing options (gridlines, row/column headings, scaling, etc.). *
Insert and delete rows and columns *
Hide and un-hide rows and columns. *
Freeze and unfreeze rows and columns. *
Move between worksheets in a workbook. *
Rename a worksheet. *
Insert and delete worksheets. *
Move and copy worksheets. *
Create formulas that use 3-D references. *
Print and preview multiple worksheets. *
Insert, move, format, and delete: pictures, clipart, shapes, SmartArt. *
Create a chart (bar, column, pie, or line). *
Modify the text in a chart (titles, legend). *
Format the text in a chart. *
Change the appearance of chart components (bars, columns, pie segments, lines, grid lines, background, etc.). *
Use both absolute and relative cell references. *
Use AutoFill (months, days, number sequences). *
Use the Formulas ribbon to insert a function. *
Use basic arithmetic functions: AVERAGE, SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX. *
Use Excel's basic financial functions: PMT, FV, PV, RATE, NPER. *
Use basic logical functions: IF, AND, OR. *
Use basic date and time functions: NOW, TODAY, DATE, MONTH, DAY, YEAR, WEEKDAY. *
Use basic database functions: DSUM, DAVERAGE, DCOUNT, DMIN, DMAX. *
Use the VLOOKUP function. *
Add and delete a named range. *
Use a named range in a formula. *
Perform single-column and multi-column sorts. *
Apply data filters: AutoFilter and Advanced Filter. *
Create a pivot chart. *
Create a pivot table. *
Import data from a text file. *
Use a template to create a new workbook. *
Customize a toolbar. *
What score do you think you would have earned on the Excel test if you had taken it before the semester began? *
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