Germantown grocery pickup
We're volunteers in Germantown available to pick up and drop off online grocery orders for our neighbors, especially (but not only!) anyone who lost access to their usual spots because of protests, curfews, store damage or the pandemic. All dropoffs are contactless.

If you need help with online ordering fees (some stores charge), let us know and we'll connect you with someone willing to donate.

We're currently able to pick up online grocery orders on these dates, at any grocery store within a 15-minute drive of Germantown (we'll update often!). Reach out to or 973-937-8392 before ordering if you'd need another day; we'll see if we can help.

Please give us 24 hours notice if you can!

* Friday, June 5 - before curfew
* Saturday, June 6 - before curfew
* Sunday, June 7 - before curfew
* Monday, June 8 - before curfew
* Tuesday, June 9 - before curfew
* Wednesday, June 10 - before curfew
* Thursday, June 11 - before curfew
* Friday, June 12 - before curfew
* Saturday, June 13 - before curfew
* Sunday, June 14 - before curfew

Here are some local grocers doing online ordering we know of:

* ShopRite at Fox Street (reopening 6/5 at 10 a.m.!)

• Mount Airy Groceries (not a supermarket -- buys food wholesale, sells for weekly pickup/delivery, uses profits to donate food to others)

• Acme in Mount Airy

• Acme in Roxborough

• Acme in Chestnut Hill

• Acme of Bryn Mawr (only for M-Thurs -- we have someone nearby)

• A&N produce

• Giant of Bryn Mawr (only for M-Thurs - we have someone nearby)

• Giant in Flourtown

• ShopRite of Oxford & Levick

• Weavers Way Coop (charges $5 for curbside pickup; available to members)

• Fresh Grocer of La Salle (not sure of their status?)


* We're not able to cover the costs of groceries themselves at this time, but we'll update this space if that changes or if we can connect you with anyone who can.

* Please, only people in Germantown or on a borderline street — we're local too!

* We'll do our best to reply to anyone quickly. We're volunteers with other commitments, so please bear with us if we get behind.

Which grocery store? (Name, street & neighborhood/town please) *
Do you need help with online ordering service fees? If so, how much?
You can leave this blank if you don't need help. We have a handful of people who've pledged $$ to help cover fees. You'll be connected 1-1 with one of them. If we run out, we'll update this form. We cannot cover the cost of groceries themselves at this time.
What day is your pickup window? *
(Please note the availability above. Please do NOT put in an order for a time not listed above unless you've reached out to first to confirm).
What time does your pickup window start? *
What's the name on your order? *
If there's an order number, please put it here.
Anything else we need to know to pick it up?
PS: If the store requires it, please let them know someone is picking up your order for you
What's the best phone number to reach you? Please include the area code *
We'll contact you with any questions, to tell you when we've dropped your groceries off and/or if we run into any trouble with the pickup. Please include the area code.
Email address? (Optional)
Where should we drop off your groceries? Please give an exact address. *
Note: Germantown or borderline streets only for now, please! If we're able to expand to a larger area, we'll update this space. We'll do contactless dropoff at your front door, and call/text the number above to let you know it's there.
Any other info we need to know?
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