PyroTamer Survey
Hi! We're a startup team called PyroTamer.

Our project is centered on battling the extensive damage of wildfires by aiding firefighters in their efforts. During a fire, one major issue is keeping track of all the resources. In the business and panic of a raging fire, it is easy to lose track of where each resource is located, which is why we developed PyroTamer. Through this web app, firefighters can not only save more lives, but also protect their own safety.

We created this survey to improve the quality of our app and keep in mind what the community wants!
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If you don't feel comfortable answering any of the following questions, put N/A. All demographic questions will help our group better understand how we can tailor this app to people of all backgrounds. Note: THIS SURVEY IS ANONYMOUS.
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Across your personal experience, what is one issue you've noticed with fires? What personal experiences have you had with wildfires? *
Please watch the following video about our product, PyroTamer. Keep in mind that although not all the features are perfectly accurate, we also want feedback on the ideas or intentions behind the features. We would also love feedback on the quality and clarity of the video itself. Just give us all your thoughts and comments, thank you!
How much safer would you feel if your community used PyroTamer? *
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What would you improve about PyroTamer? Are there any features you would add or change? *
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