Your Input on HOBT's Future
In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre (HOBT) has announced that the organization is significantly reducing operations and could go out of business as soon as June 2019.

HOBT’s Staff and board are working on identifying possible futures for the organization’s work using puppetry and mask performance as tools for social and environmental justice. Artists, neighbors, and other communities will be invited to help determine what aspects of HOBT’s work are most important to carry forward. The public will also be asked to support HOBT financially through the challenging months to come.

HOBT has been able to accomplish tremendous things in its 45-year history. None of this would be possible without the support of neighbors, donors, partner organizations, foundations, and the Minnesota State Arts Board. With ongoing support, we believe that HOBT’s vision, values, and work will persist.

We want to hear from you: your reactions, responses, questions, and concerns. Please use the space below to share however and whatever you'd like.

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