I am SUNGJAE LEE, a multidisciplinary artist who recently finished the Performance Art M.F.A. program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I built this form in order to find queer Asians who are interested in participating in my workshop at High Concept Labs (, an art organization located in Pilsen, Chicago, IL.

My art practice, especially the work “Yellow Hairy Balls (,” deals with the visualization of queer Asians, who are prone to be double rejected in Western society by being both queer and Asian. Since I have mainly worked on my own by examining myself as a gay Asian male, I always wonder what are the experiences that other queer Asians folks live through, in regard to visibility and desire. How do we physically visualize ourselves in our daily lives? How do we develop our desire in conjunction with racial hierarchy? How do we define the terms Queer and Asian?

To activate a conversation among queer Asians and represent the diversity of our lives, I decide to run a workshop where we can share our stories and do creative activities together (writing and movement practice, discussion on a specific theme/article, etc). I want to work with you on every step of the art-making process and eventually create a new version of “Yellow Hairy Balls.” From now on, I am expecting to create either a live performance featuring the workshop participants or a sound film including their voices/narration.

You can see the content of the 3-week-long workshop that I roughly designed below. I am willing to listen to your advice on the content and develop it together if you have ideas. Moreover, since I am sharing a space for the workshop with other artists in High Concept Labs, I will be able to use it on sporadic dates between Sep 16 to Oct 26. I will list the dates and times when I am assigned to use the space, so please mark your availability. Based on your answers, we can set up a concrete schedule.

Thank you so much for your interest in the workshop and I look forward to working with you!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:
If you want to see my other works, here is my website:


< Details of Workshop >

When: dates between Sep 16 and Oct 26 (TBA)
Where: High Concept Labs at Mana Contemporary Chicago (2233 S. Throop, Chicago IL, 60608)

* Ideally the workshop will be 2 times a week and last 1.5 to 2 hours long each. But, the dates and hours are subject to change based on participants' schedule

<Week 1: Sep 16 - 22>
- Workshop 1: Introduction to the project "Yellow Hairy Balls," Self-introduction, and conversation on the topic "Living as a queer Asian in the US"
- Workshop 2: Writing about our experience of invisibility as queer Asians, sharing our writings, and discussing how we can promote more visibility of ourselves

<Week 2: Sep 23 - 30>
- Workshop 3: Writing about our own desire/fetish as queer Asians, sharing our writings, and discussing how we can safely practice our desires in conjunction with racial hierarchy
- Workshop 4: Movement practice that demonstrates the way in which we fulfill our desire OR recording the voices of the workshop participants reading their writings

<Week 3: Oct 1 - 26>
- Workshop 5: Production of a new version of "Yellow Hairy Balls" based on our findings during week 1 & 2
- Workshop 6: Production of a new version of "Yellow Hairy Balls" based on our findings during week 1 & 2
1. Name *
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2. E-mail address *
Please provide the e-mail address through that I can communicate with you
3. Pronouns
4. Sexual orientation *
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5. Racial/Ethnic Identity *
6. Nationality *
7. Current occupation
8. Neighborhood *
Please provide the name of neighborhood that you live in Chicago
9. Available dates and times for the workshop
The time when we can use the space differs date by date. Please mark your availability based on the space's opening hours below each date. Dates that don't have parenthesis are available to open full-time (10am - 8pm)
10am - 12pm
12pm - 2pm
2pm - 4pm
4pm - 6pm
6pm - 8pm
Mon, Sep 16
Tue, Sep 17
Wed, Sep 18
Thu, Sep 19
Fri, Sep 20 (between 10am - 4pm)
Mon, Sep 23 (between 12pm - 4pm)
Tue, Sep 24 (between 10am - 4pm)
Wed, Sep 25 (between 10am - 4pm)
Thu, Sep 26 (between 10am - 4pm)
Fri, Sep 27 (between 12pm - 8pm)
Mon, Sep 30 (between 10am - 4pm)
Tue, Oct 1 (between 10am - 4pm)
Wed, Oct 2 (between 10am - 4pm)
Tue, Oct 8 (between 10am - 4pm)
Wed, Oct 9 (between 10am - 4pm)
Thu, Oct 10
Sat, Oct 12 (between 10am - 2pm)
Tue, Oct 15 (between 10am - 4pm)
Wed, Oct 16 (between 10am - 4pm)
Thu, Oct 17 (between 10am - 4pm)
Fri, Oct 18 (between 10am - 4pm)
Sat, Oct 19 (between 10am - 2pm)
Sat, Oct 26 (between 10am - 2pm)
10. What do you expect to take away from the workshop? *
11. Anything else you would like me to know?
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