Bastardium Playtest v0.9
This survey has five parts: Miscellaneous, Tutorial, Dungeonette, Aviary and Chronicle. Scroll down to find the one(s) you'd like to answer. No need to play through the entire Guide before giving us feedback. You can come back later to answer remaining questions. Just click "Edit your response" once you've submitted and save the URL. (Or just submit a new survey.)
Answers may be given in English, på dansk/svenska/bokmål, auf Deutch, o en español.
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Would you like to be listed as playtester(s)? Then give us your name(s). Preferably a proper name, please; or at least one we won't feel awkward about lising in our rules. (We're looking at you, jerkface74.) And we expect you to answer some of the other questions, as well. Obviously. :)
Add your e-mail address(es), if you would like to hear from us about Bastardium updates (new playtest version, kickstarter, etc.). You can, of course, unsubscribe from the mailing-list whenever you want. (And, no, we won't sell or use your mail address for nefarious purposes.)
How familiar would you say you are with tabletop games in general?
I've hardly ever played any games before.
I read rules before I go to sleep and eat cardboard for breakfast.
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How do you feel about Bastardium using words such as "Engage" and "Guard" instead of the more commonly used "Attack" and "Defend" (in other games)?
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Did you try to create your own persona? (Check all that apply.)
Do you have any comments on the games and/or the system as a whole?
Anything you feel was unbalanced with the system itself?
How do you feel about crowdfunding?
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Did you enjoy the story of "A Good Cause"?
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Did you get a grip on the rules during the tutorial?
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Which ending did you get?
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Check all that apply.
How much time did you spend on the tutorial and did you finish?
Anything you'd like to comment on?
Did you have fun playing Dungeonette?
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Did the Guide prepare you sufficiently to play Dungeonette?
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How well did Dungeonette work for introducing new players to the game?
Useless! Absolutely useless.
Worked like a charm.
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Did you find Dungeonette to be too punishing for an intro game?
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How many players have you tried playing Dungeonette with (including yourself)?
How much time did you spend on a playthrough of Dungeonette (on average)?
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Got any remarks concerning Dungeonette?
Did you enjoy the Aviary
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Check all that apply:
How many players have you tried playing The Aviary with (including yourself)?
How much time did you spend on a playthrough of The Aviary and how far did you get Tide-wise? (For multiple playthroughs, choose the one where you reached the highest Tide.)
1 hour.
1½ hours.
2 hours.
2½ hours
3 hours.
3½ hours.
4 hours
More than 4 hours.
Tide 3.
Tide 4.
Tide 5.
Tide 6.
Tide 7.
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Care to elucidate?
Did you like it?
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How many players have you tried playing Chronicle with (including yourself)?
Add your thoughts on Chronicle.
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