LMSA National Leadership Survey
As we continue to build and strengthen LMSA across the US we would like to document and learn from our prior and current leaders, so that we can better prepare our future leaders, and support further development of our advisors. Please take a moment to complete the following survey so we can a) document our prior and current leaders and b) document your successes and professional development needs. The information you provide will help us train the next generation of LMSA leaders across the country.

This survey has 4 sections:

Section 2 - Demographic and Contact Information Section (FOR EVERYONE TO COMPLETE)

Section 3 - LMSA Chapter/Regional/National Experience (Individuals pursuing an MD or have an MD AND have been active in LMSA on the chapter/regional/national level)

Section 4 - LMSA Chapter Advisor (Individuals who have been designated to serve as the primary advisor (co-advisor) of the LMSA Chapter at a medical school.)

Section 5 - Organizational or Affiliate Advisor to LMSA (This includes physicians and non-physicians who have been asked by a LMSA Regional Board or National Board to serve as an organizational or affiliate senior advisor. Organizations or affiliates include but are not limited to NHMA, HSHPS, AMA, MiMENTOR, BNGAP, Centers of Excellence, etc.)

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