Improvisation of Examination System: Faculty of Engineering Workshop on 28-9-16
Faculty Feedback Related Existing Engineering Examination System
This feedback would allow a faculty to consider your suggestions and make necessary improvements in SRTMUN Examination System, if required. It will encourage better to set Unique Question Paper Pattern, Unit wise weightage, etc. Faculty should give their opinion, here below, without any prejudice.
Are you Satisfied with Existing Layout of Question Paper? *
Do you feel Unit wise Weight-age is properly maintained in Question Paper?
Do you Feel Questions are composed with uncertain/random mixing of units?
Do you Feel Model Answer shall be prepare along with setting of Question Paper only?
Do you Feel Existing optional questions in question paper is sufficient?
Do you Feel Question Paper shall be properly set to mix Easy + Moderately Difficult + Difficulty level with proper composition
Do you Feel Assessment guideline are properly set (Qualification of Assessor, Max. no of papers assessed per day, Mechanism to ensure Quality of Assessment)
Any Comment/Suggestion for Improvisation of Examination System
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