Evaluation: Lent Online Retreat
We really hope that you found the online Lent Retreat from the Ignatian Spirituality Centre in Glasgow a fruitful experience.
We hope to be able to repeat a similar retreat next year, and In order to improve it are asking if you could briefly answer the following questions.
How easy did you find the site to navigate?
Did you or anyone in a group you might have been in use the printed versions of the daily prayer?
Rank in order of preference which you used most in your prayer:
1 being most used, 4 being least used
Art Work
Other Meditations
What did you find most helpful?
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Can you describe in one or two sentences the impact of the retreat on your spiritual life?
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If you were a member of a group, how did you find the group went?
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Can you suggest any ways of improving the retreat for next year?
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If we run a similar retreat next year, would you be interested in doing it again?
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