Share Your Transit Impact Story!
Transportation Riders United is gathering personal stories about how public transit impacts people’s everyday lives, so that we can more effectively persuade the region that transit is worth investing in.

Real life experiences are powerful. Your story may be crucial in demonstrating the need and building support for expanded transit. Please be as specific and descriptive as you can.

We may use these stories on our website and social media, with area media and elected officials, and in our mailings, newsletters, and fundraising materials, and elsewhere. By checking the below permissions, you allow us to share your story.

Depending on how much detail you provide, this could take 3-10 minutes to complete. Thanks!!
Your Transit Experience
Please tell us about your experience using Detroit area public transit and how it's impacted your life. We're especially interested in how transit impacts your life, negatively or positively, in major or modest ways. Please share as much detail and description as you feel comfortable sharing.
How long have you been a transit rider?
And do you still ride now?
What city do you live in?
What neighborhood, if relevant
What city do you work in?
Or go to school in or otherwise frequently visit?
Where do you ride transit?
Any particular routes or areas?
Impacts of Transit
How has transit impacted your life?
Are there things you can do because of transit that you couldn’t without? Have transit service changes impacted your life?
Have the region’s transit gaps or limitations hurt you?
If so how? Have you missed out on opportunities because of insufficient transit? Have you had to change or limit activities?
How would better transit help you?
Would more frequent service or transit into new areas concretely change things for you? What would you do that you can’t do now?
Permissions and Follow Up
We would like to share your transit experience with elected officials, media, TRU members, and others, IF you provide permission for us to do so. Please check ALL that apply.
What of your information may we public share?
Phone number
Please provide if it's okay for someone from TRU's Outreach Team to contact you with questions or for additional information.
Please provide if it's okay for us to contact you with questions or for additional information.
Additional Possible Opportunities
Regarding your transit experience, would you be willing to participate in the below ways, if the TRU Outreach Team sees further opportunity for your story? Please check ALL that apply.
What else should we know?
Please share any additional information that we may not have asked about.
Thank you!!
Thank you for taking this time to share your transit experience! The more we can help non-riders understand the transit experience, the greater chance of successfully improving and expanding our transit system.

If you have questions or additional information to share, please contact us at
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