Perspective for the Petrified 2
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These will be available to you at any time via a private you tube link. They are pre-recorded and not live, so you can rewatch as often as you like.

Basics and Beyond 2: $20
This is a 45 minute course with three lessons still focusing on one point perspective. Lesson 5 is all about diving right into interior spaces and designing your dream kitchen. Lesson 6 discusses pitched rooftops, chimneys, and in lesson 7 we discuss stairs. Exercises are give to each lesson to encourage the student to try it out and show me their progress! All you need is a ruler, pencil, eraser and a piece of paper to follow along!

Once payment is received through Venmo or PayPal (Please include specifications of which class you are registering for) I will email the link and reference photo.
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Thank you for helping to support my family during Covid-19. Both my husband and I are out of work, as well as now homeschooling our two littles. Anything you would be able to contribute would be much appreciated. For any contributions of $50+ I will send a small work of art or two as a personal thank you. Stay safe and healthy!
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