Doggy Daycare Application Form
This form is required to be completed before your dogs first day of daycare.  You must fill out 1 application per dog.
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Client Information
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Pet's Information
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Is your dog spayed/neutered? (Please note all dogs over 1 year must be fixed in order to come to daycare) *
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Dog's Personality
How long have you owned your dog? *
Where did you get your dog? *
Has your dog played/interacted with: *
Which of the following best describes your dog’s level socialization with other dogs *
Has your dog had any problems previously in an off-leash social environment?  Select all that apply: *
Please describe if any concerns mentioned above?
Has your dog attended daycare somewhere else? *
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Has your dog been to a dog parks? *
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Does your dog have formal obedience training? *
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Is your dog housebroken? *
What cue do you use to ask your dog to relieve him/herself? *
Has your dog ever bitten another dog? *
If yes, what were the circumstances? Please give as much detail as possible.
Has your dog ever bitten a human? *
If yes, what were the circumstances? Please give as much detail as possible.
Has your dog ever dug under, climbed or jumped a fence? *
If yes, what were the circumstances?
Does your dog have any areas on the body that he/she doesn’t like petted? *
If yes, please explain:
Are there any breeds of dogs that your dog fears or dislikes? *
If yes, please explain:
Is there anything your dog is particularly afraid of? *
Will your dog let you take his/her food away while eating? *
Has your dog shared toys/food with other dogs? *
Have you used baby gates, crate or other means of confinement? *
Please note: Your dog must be comfortable in a crate to attend our daycare.
How does your dog react to them (loves his crate, fine, whines, hates it, etc)? *
What do you think your dog does while you are away? *
Is there anything else we should know about your dog? *
Dog's Medical Information
Please provide details on your dog's diet:  What type of diet is your dog fed? (Kibble, dehydrated, raw) *
What brand of food is your dog fed? (Performatrin, Purina, Royal Canin etc) *
What is the primary protein source? (Chicken, Lamb etc) *
How often do you feed your dog? (once a day, twice a day etc) *
Any Current or Ongoing Medical Conditions? *
If yes, please explain
Is your dog taking any medications? *
If yes, which ones?
Will we need to give medication? *
What Type of Flea Prevention is your dog on: (please note your dog must be on flea prevention during the summer months and we recommend yearly) *
Does your dog have any allergies or food sensitivities? *
May we feed your dog treats? *
Is it OK for us to take photos of your dog that might be posted on our website, Facebook, other social media or promotional material? *
Do you have any peanut allergies in the household?  We regularly use peanut butter to stuff kongs. *
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