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Welcome! We are excited you are seeking our support in your offering. We look forward to discovering how we can support you sharing your way with our members and your community.

Partnership, Sponsorship, and Produced Programs through Woman's Way Red Lodge is an evolution of our walk with Woman's Way Red Lodge. Valuing the 15 Principles we share, we see these programs as upholding several principles including Collaboration, Sustainability, Inclusiveness and Acceptance, and a Willingness to Step Into Power and Service. As Many have said, "100 women, 100 ways." We know this extends to all people. Programs offered through and by WWRL mutually supports our organization, its members, and our communities.

If you are not yet a WWRL member, kindly join before completing this form. To become a member, click here: http://womanswayredlodge.org/join/become-a-member/

To send in your workshop proposal, fill in this form a minimum of 1 month before your workshop date.

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We also welcome WWRL members to create WWRL programs that align with all 15 Principles as well as our Vision, Mission, and Purpose. Learn more here: http://womanswayredlodge.org/about-us/our-vision/
Which of the 15 Principles does your offering embody the most? Please elaborate about the connection and how you believe it will impact those who attend your offering. Your are welcome to include connections with the mission, vision and purpose. *
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