Marannook Summer Staff Application
Marannook is a camp for 2nd-9th graders that aims to bring Jesus into all things we do, have gospel community, and is seriously fun. From the ropes courses to the slides to fire on the rock, it's all the camp you can handle. What makes Marannook unique is that you are trained, shepherded, and taught how to study God's Word to develop a love for God and His Word that is life changing. You take all that you have learned and pour it into the kids throughout the summer, equipping you to be a mature follower of Christ and put into practice all that you have learned.

Please submit your application and you will be contacted by one of our staff to schedule an interview. If you have any questions, email For more information on Marannook, go to
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Please provide us with 3 references (not family and preferably work or organizational relationships). We need name, phone number, email, and relationship. ***By providing these, you are giving us permission to contact them*** *
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
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I understand we will be in overnight scenarios and around minors for the summer, therefore, in keeping our campers and staff safe and above reproach, my name will be submitted for a criminal and sexual abuse background check.
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