3 in 30 Demographics Survey (Thank you!)
This will help me so much as I reach out to exceptional sponsors for the show and create meaningful offerings for all of you. Many of these questions come directly from potential sponsors who are interested in knowing just who is listening to the show.

You will be entered into a drawing as a GIVEAWAY for one of my workshop gift bags ($100 value). THANK YOU so much for your time and input!

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What is your level of formal education?
What is the annual household income in your home?
How many children do you have?
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What is your marital status?
Where do you work?
How often do you listen to the 3 in 30 podcast? (Your honesty helps. I won't be offended!)
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Please check additional offerings that you might be interested in:
Which social media (if any) do you use regularly?
As a mom, what is your biggest headache right now?
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What parenting topics would you like to learn more about?
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What are 3 companies or products that you love (and think would be great sponsors for 3 in 30)?
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Feel free to elaborate on any of the questions above, or add further feedback about the podcast. I truly appreciate your time and suggestions!!
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