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Thank you for your interest in fostering a service dog in training!  Please complete the following questionnaire to help us get to know you.  

Foster orientations are held at our training center in Greenfield, MA, at the beginning and end of each UMASS semester.  Once you have completed this application, you will automatically receive notification of upcoming orientations, once the dates are announced!  All applicants are required to attend these 3 hour orientations if they would like to be considered for being a full time foster or if they would like to be a relief foster.

In case you are wondering, student can foster regardless of their major!  We have many animal science, psychology and public health majors, but also have many fabulous fosters from unrelated fields. Though our program is formally partnered with UMASS Amherst and Smith College, we have/have had wonderful fosters at Hampshire College and Mt. Holyoke College too.

If you are a local non-student applicant, please email us to schedule an interview.  We are always looking for local individuals and families to relief foster our pups and dogs in training!

If you have any additional questions, please email

Thank you!  We look forward to working with you!

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Fosters are encouraged to take the service dog in training they are fostering home during school breaks, such as Thanksgiving week, January break and during the summer.  Would you be able to keep your dog during breaks?  (Please note that they can not fly with you, but can be taken out of state by car.) *
Do you have any other pets? *
If so, please describe the other animals that live in your household (including their type, age and sex, as well as where they live full-time).
If you have dogs or cats, are they all vaccinated and neutered?
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Diggity Dogs will cover all medical costs for our dogs in training and will also provide a collar, leash, crate, vest and additional training devices. Are you able to cover the cost of food for a service dog in training? *
Service Dogs in training are afforded the same access privileges as fully trained service dogs. Will you be able to take your service dog in training with you as you go about your day at home and school or work? *
What inspired you to want to foster a service dog in training? *
Are you willing to make a two semester commitment (minimum) to fostering full-time? *
Do you have a vehicle to use to attend classes?  (not required - many students carpool) *
If you are a student, do you have the ability to foster during school breaks? (ie can you take a dog home when you go home) *
How did you hear about Diggity Dogs? *
Although it is not required, do you have any experience training dogs? *
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