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What do you Geek? What are your passions and hobbies? Tell us your reading tastes and preferences and we will recommend Your Next Geek Read. Only questions marked with a red * are required. Tell us why you liked certain titles or authors or what you dislike. Not only will we list recommendations but we will give our reasons. Please note all recommendations are kept confidential. Recommendations will be processed in 3 weeks. The library will call or email you when your recommendation list is ready to pick up.
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Mood is the overall atmosphere of a book and the emotional response it provokes.
12. Which of the following is the most important element of a book?
A Plot-driven story focuses primarily on the action and what happens next; a Character-driven story focuses on a character’s thoughts, feelings, and development; a Setting-driven story focuses on detailed descriptions of the setting; a Dialogue-driven story focuses witty exchanges, has a fast pace, and is similar to a play.
13. The type of plot you prefer is?
14. The character(s) and narrator(s) you prefer are?
The protagonist is the main character that the story focuses on. The narrator is the person telling the story.
15. What kind of setting do you prefer?
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Please be sure to include the reasons why you liked these books, as it will help us in making a good recommendation.
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