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Taking Driver Education: Driver education is offered year-round. It is the responsibility of the parent and student to register for class at the appropriate time. Once a student reaches 14 ½ years of age they should begin registering for classes as they become available. The in-class portion is typically offered at the end of the school day at the WSHS agricultural building. The cost is $65.00 per student. Payment is due the first day of class (Checks made payable to WSHS). Students who fail or drop the class will forfeit the $65.00 fee; no refunds are allowed. Students must pay the fee each time they take the class. All students are required under Public School Legislation to complete a minimum of 30 contact hours of classroom instruction. In addition to the classroom component, students must complete an additional 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction. In-car instruction takes place before and/or after the normal school day. Students who fail to meet the required hours of instruction in-class or behind the wheel will not graduate from the program. Eligibility Criteria  § 115C-215. In accordance with criteria and standards approved by the State Board of Education, all students must be 14 years and 6 months old (must be 14 ½ years old the first day of class) to be eligible for driver education.  Students must live in Stokes County to be eligible. Students not enrolled in one of the Stokes County public schools must provide proof of residency on the first day of class. Registering for Class  Registration for driver education at WSHS is completed online.  Visit WSHS homepage to register for each class. Click on departments and locate the driver education link. Locate the registration link if available on this page to register for in-class.  Registering for a class does not guarantee you a spot in a class. Admission is based solely on age with oldest to youngest priority until the class fills; It does not matter if you were the first or last to register for a class.  After submitting a registration request you will automatically receive a confirmation of registration which, only means you have successfully registered for class. This does not mean you were admitted to the class.  At the end of the registration period, class rosters will be posted online and on campus. To view registration results, please visit the WSHS homepage and click on the driver education link.  Students who are not admitted must register again during the next registration period to be considered for the next available class. Old registrations are not valid for future classes. Classroom Materials & Miscellaneous Items  Students are required to arrange transportation to and from class. Please be prompt in picking up your child!  Students are required to obtain their own copy of the driver education manual. Manuals are available at any DMV driver license office. If for some reason you cannot get a manual in time for class, you can download a copy from NCDOTorg. You will need this for class along with paper and pencil each day.  Students who fail or drop the class without instructor approval will forfeit the $65.00 fee; no refunds are allowed.  You must present a certified birth certificate and have your social security number for this class as required by the DMV.
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