Advanced Level Chinese Conversation Group
Do you want to improve your Chinese conversation level? Do you want to talk about current events, geopolitics, pop culture, and higher level topics in Mandarin? If so, please fill out this questionnaire. Membership in the group is contingent upon language level and active participation. For more information, please visit

There will be no cost for group members to participate unless group members wish to have a paid teacher facilitate. In that instance, costs will be shared among all group members. Meetings will take place online during COVID and are not restricted to one geographic timezone.

Group membership is contingent upon agreement and adherence to the following Bylaws:

-At no time will offensive, illegal, demeaning, racist, inappropriate content/messaging, business solicitations and/or advertisements be tolerated during group meetings or via any group platforms.
-Group members will not engage in sharing offensive, illegal, demeaning, racist or inappropriate messaging to any group members through any platforms.
-Group members who seek membership for a purpose other than improving their personal Chinese language conversation at the Advanced Level, will be removed from the group.
-Group members will not use the group to solicit or promote any businesses or products per the Advertising Restrictions listed below.
-Group members are welcome to share recommendations of Chinese learning products, schools and teachers following moderator review per the Advertising Restrictions listed below.
-Any member requests from individuals under 18 require parental permission to participate - parent contact must be listed below and follow up will be conducted with the parent.
-If a teacher is hired to facilitate, I agree to share costs with other members for the instructor if I participate in teacher-facilitated classes/conversations.

Advertising Restriction - any business or professional providing advanced level Chinese products or services wishing to advertise to this group is required to answer the questions below describing your business or service. Only products or services deemed appropriate to the group level will be shared with group members. All companies offering products or services to the group will be asked to provide a promotional discount to group members. NON CHINESE LANGUAGE LEARNING BUSINESSES/SERVICE PROVIDERS ARE PROHIBITED from posting to group pages/platforms/or advertising via the group.

Business solicitations that do not follow this Advertising Restriction will be blocked from any/all group platforms and group members will be informed of the Advertising Restriction violation.

For additional information or to contact us, please visit
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If you have not taken a Chinese reading proficiency exam, how would you rate your level?
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What topics are you most interested in practicing conversation around?
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Preferred group meeting frequency, days & times
I agree to abide by the group rules listed above. If I do not abide by these rules, I will be removed from access to the group.
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