SEMANTiCS - PatentSemTech Workshop Sep 12 2019
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Keynote speaker Anthony Trippe "Improving Patent Analytics Using Semantic Technologies"
“Deep Learning based Pipeline with Multichannel Inputs for Patent Classification” by Mustafa Sofean
“Binary Patent Classification Methods for Analyzing Technological Change” by Benjamin Meindl
“Identifying the Creation and Impact of New Technologies in Patent Text” by Sam Arts
“Detecting Multi Word Terms in Patents the same way as Named Entities” by Tobias Fink
“Semantic Views - Interactive Hierarchical Exploration for Patent Landscaping” by Tatyana Skripnikova
“Deep Learning Services for Patents” demo by Ahmad Alrifai
“Visual Programming for Patent Mining“ demo by Farag Saad
Tutorial 1 – “Patent Landscaping User Interface“ with Tatyana Skripnikova
Tutorial 2 - “From A-Z, towards a patent text mining application“ with Linda Andersson
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