Is Online Learning Right for YOU?
This self-assessment will help you decide if you are ready to learn HVACR as a career ONLINE?
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1. Do you have regular, dependable, access to a computer with high speed internet?
3. How comfortable are you with expressing your thoughts and ideas in writing?
4. How well do you read?
5. How good are you at scheduling events and writing them on a calendar?
6. How good are you at keeping your commitments and getting things done on time?
7. When will you have time in your schedule to study in front of the computer?
8. How do you feel about learning new and challenging things?
9. What advantage(s) of online learning are important to you? (click all that apply)
10. When you have a problem you can't figure out, how do you feel about getting help?
11. Who is in your learning support system? (click all that apply)
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