Councillor Paul Hodgkinson - 2 minute Survey 2020
Next May you have the chance to elect a hard working local Councillor for our area. Paul and the Cotswold Lib Dems have a record of getting things done for our area.

The Conservatives have run the County Council for the past 16 years and as we move into the post-COVID world many people are saying it’s time for some fresh ideas.

I want to hear from you about how you think we can make our area an even better place to live, work and visit.
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How can we help?
If you have any specific problems, ideas or issues you want to raise just write them here:
Your Councils
How do you rate Conservative-run Gloucestershire County Council’s performance?
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How do you rate Liberal Democrat-run Cotswold District Council’s performance?
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Do you think your Council Tax bill is:
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Key Issues, Your View
Do you think the Conservative-run County Council is doing enough to tackle the poor state of local roads?
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Do you support the Lib Dems in calling for more extensive resurfacing of roads AND pavements rather than temporary quick fixes?
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Local hospitals have seen cuts to their Minor Injuries Unit and Blood Services. Do you agree that community hospitals should be invested in not cut?
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How do you view the Conservative Government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic?
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The Lib Dems want to see the more investment into public transport such as bus services to reduce rural isolation. Do you agree with this?
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The Lib Dems want to see the County Council deliver more infrastructure (roads, parking, sewerage, better public transport etc) before new housing developments are permitted. Do you agree?
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Our Area
Do you agree with the statement: I think my area is a great place to live?
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In one word how would you describe our area?
Local Democracy
On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 5 (completely), how well do you think the following parties represent your values?
Lib Dem
Brexit Party/UKIP
Does your Spouse/ Partner share these views?
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On a Scale of 0 (never) to 3 (definitely) how likely are you to vote for the Liberal Democrats at local elections?
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On a Scale of 0 (never) to 3 (definitely) how likely are you to vote for the Liberal Democrats at Westminster elections?
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Would you prefer to have a Lib Dem or Conservative Councillor representing you?
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CAN YOU HELP PAUL? I would like to help elect Paul by:
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